Look after yourself for healthy life by QiGong, Tai Chi and Reiki  by Tunde at Tunde-World


Tunde Takacs came from Hungary. She has 15 year's experience as a natural healer and she has received much positive feedback. She is Master since 2004. She was trained in Prananadi in Hungary and She was trained in Reiki in Australia. Her experience as a natural healing therapist comes from the following fields: Prananadi and Reiki.

Tunde is a qualified instructor of Qi Gong and Tai Chi.

She worked full-time in office and Tunde was feeling her body is in really bad condition. She had back-ache, had-ache and she was continue tired. She knew that the time is now!

She has experienced an increase in her energy levels. She better able to focus and has noticed that her health has improved. Tunde just doesn't has as many colds and flu as other people and she seem to get better more quickly than she used to. Her back got back normal,  and her stress level is moved down. 

2016 Tunde receiving a 'SILVER' medal for her Individual Tai Chi Fan at 2016 Oceania Kung Fu Wushu Championships on her first Tai chi competition.


2014. became a Tai Chi student of Master Alice Bei Dong is a 5th generation traditional Yang-style Tai Chi master - founder of the 'Pei Lei Wushu Association'. Master Alice was trained by Grand Master Fu Zhong Wen - Fu was a senior student of Grand Master Yang Chengfu(1883-1936) - grandson of Yang Lu-chan (1799-1872 Yang style) - deciple of Chen Changxing (1771-1853) - descendant of Chen Wangting (1580-1660) - believed by family to be the founder of Chen style. Later by marriage, Grand Master Fu became a member of the Yang family and 4th generation successor of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. Grand Master Fu, in turn, conferred upon Sifu Alice Bei Dong, the title of 'Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Generational Teacher'. Master Alice Bei Dong also holds the highest grade 7th duan yang Taiji. Master Zhao awarded it to her December 2014. She has a 8th duan in wushu.

Grand Master Alice Dong and Tunde

2016 Tunde had a training of Da Wu with with Professor Hua Hua of the'Chinese Health Qigong Association'.

2013 Tunde had a training of Yi Jin Jing with Professor Wei Kongtheof the 'Chinese Health Qigong Association'.

2012 Tunde had a training of Tai Chi Rod with Professor Yulin Wang of the 'Chinese Health Qigong Association'.

2012 Tunde had a training of 12 Method of Healing Chi with Professor Yulin Wang of the 'Chinese Health Qigong Association'.

Prof Zeng Weihong And Me

Tunde became a Tai Chi & Qigong Student of 'Group Exercise Professional Instructors Course' with the Tai Chi Fitness Australia School, credited by TCFAA (Tai Chi Fitness of Australia Association); CMASA (Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Society of Australia); IYTCCA (International Yang style Tai Chi in China Association) & CHQA(Chinese Health Qigong Association).

2010. She is became a Tai Chi & Qigong student of Master Susan Chang - founder of the 'Tai Chi Fitness Australia School'. Master Susan was trained by Master Wang Ruizhi and Grand Master Feng Zhiqiang(1928-2012). Both Wang and Feng are deciples of Grand Master Chen Fake. Chen Fake(1887-1957 Chen Style) and Yang Luchan(1799-1872 Yang style) are both disciples of Chen Changxing(1771-1853) - descendant of Chen Wangting(1580-1660) - believed by family to be the founder of Chen style.






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