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Tai chi, Qigong and Cancer

"Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes that the human body’s internal chi becomes out of balance, or that “external devil chi” may cause cancer.

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Many theories debate the reason cancer forms. Each healing system has its own explanation why humans get cancer. Some believe that diet or chemicals may cause cancer. Some believe that our environment contributes to the problem and some believe that emotions are one of the causal factors. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes that the human body’s internal chi becomes out of balance, or that “external devil chi” may cause cancer. Some medical doctors believe genetic factors can predispose one to cancer, although medical studies to date have failed to conclusively prove this theory. Some studies find that CT scans, X-rays, radiation, chemotherapy, and many drugs can cause cancer. In theory, when we find the cause of disease, then we can eradicate the disease. So far, the medical and scientific communities only know some of the factors that may relate to the cause of cancer. It is extremely difficult to follow all the recommendations that may prevent cancer. Though society devotes a lot of money, time, and attention to fighting and preventing cancer, the cancer rate still has not been lowered. On the contrary, results of current medical studies indicate that the cancer rate continues to rise each year. Now, one out of four Americans is diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime. Logically, we are taught to believe, supporting ongoing medical studies will result in a reduction of the cancer rate. However, many cancer experts continue to study their concept for cancer prevention and they still find the same problem; the rate keeps rising. The prevention and healing of cancer is still a dilemma for the worldwide medical community."



Many doctors, when healing cancer, advise their patients to get more fresh air to increase the amount of oxygen, or to practice deep breathing because improper breathing causes oxygen deficiency. Also, they advise their patients to use aerobic exercise to increase the capacity of the heart to pump blood, which increases the capacity of the lungs. Increased oxygen may help the healing of cancer. However, it is very confusing because many people live in the mountains or forest and still get cancer. Many patients are already too weak to jump or exercise because of their cancer or side effects from the chemo, radiation, and surgery.

This is why relaxation is more important for them than aerobic or any physical exercise. Deep breathing exercises can help heal the cancer. Therefore, Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga, or any of the internal exercises can help, but it seems these breathing exercises rarely heal cancer."


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